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*Proven Programs, *Proven Quality Products,* Proven Service,* Proven Recomendations,* And Most Of All *PROVEN RESULTS ! For nearly 40 years, we at Circle S Farm Supply have lead the way in agriculture by providing the highest quality products and customer service available. In today's agricultural industry, there are many liquid fertilizers emerging for use as starter, foliar,and complete fertility programs. While all fertilizers are NOT created EQUAL; Circle S Farm Supply is a PROVEN LEADER in developing successful nutritional programs for all types of crops.

Efficient Nutrient Management - Sustainable Agriculture

liquid plant food

Banding Circle S Liquid Plant Food allows for greater nutrient uptake by placing essential nutrients in the root zone so that young plants have ample supply during crucial stages in growth development. Studies have shown that corn seed can only survive 13 to 17 days on its own energy and food supply after being planted. Banding Circle S Liquid Plant Food places the nutrients in the most critical location for optimum growth, development and yield. Research shows that phosphorus is critical to early development and crucial to yield in corn and the first 10 pounds should ALWAYS be placed in the root zone.

Modern Agriculture
In today’s agricultural industry, with the evolvement of No-till practices and larger equipment, farmers get in the field earlier in the year. This has many benefits in trying to beat the summer elements faced during the growing season. However, when we go to the field earlier, other adverse conditions are seen; such as cool temperatures, wet soil and less than ideal soil conditions. Studies show that these conditions significantly reduce root growth and development as well as root availability for NPK uptake. Banding Circle S Liquid Plant Food can be very beneficial in these conditions.
Efficiency: Studies show that plant roots will only come into contact with 2% of the soil area making banded Circle S Liquid Plant Food more available to the plant than broadcast. Potassium is known as BASIC LIFE to plants. It increases crop yield in many ways including increased root growth and development, better stalks, increased protein, and increased starch on grain. Banded potassium helps plants get off to a better start and places your fertilizer investment in the right place so that it is available to the plant at the most critical development stages. Circle S Banded Liquid Plant Food can also help reduce nutrient loss due to run off and leaching and banding can also be more cost effective because in many cases, requires less fertilizer than broadcast.
Foliar Feeding
Foliar Feeding crops can also be a very efficient method in maintaining nutrient balance in plants or to give plants the extra boost you desire that may not be obtainable through soil & root uptake alone. Circle S Liquid Plant Food can be mixed with many fungicides, insecticides and herbicides making it even more efficient by reducing trips across the field. Michigan State University studies have shown that 50% of foliar applied Potassium can be taken up by the plant in 10-24 hours and Phosphorus in 5-10 days. Their studies have also shown that (1) pound of foliar applied nitrogen is equivalent to (4) pounds of soil applied nitrogen & (1) pound of foliar applied magnesium is equivalent to (75) pounds of soil applied magnesium. WOW! Now that’s EFFICIENT! Foliar treatment can be repeated as often as every 7-10 days if necessary, so what’s a better way to help correct deficiencies & boost yeilds?

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