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Liquid Plant Food

We didn’t just jump on the liquid fertilizer band wagon, we blazed the trail!

Circle S Farm Supply has been leading the way in Liquid Plant Food for over 45 years. Our Plant Food customer base spans 5 states. While there are many liquid fertilizers emerging on the market, NOT ALL OF THEM ARE EQUAL, We have PROVEN PRODUCTS, PROVEN PROGRAMS, and MOST OF ALL PROVEN RESULTS. WE help our customers achieve higher yields, and greater quality while practicing sustainable agriculture. Our mission is your success

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Circle S Farm Supply is Family owned and operated in Rutherford Tennessee. We have been LEADING THE WAY IN AGRICULTURE for over 45 years by being innovators of the industry. Many of our customers have put their trust and confidence in us for more than 30 years, and in many cases, we work with second and third generations on those same farms. We are proud to offer our farming solutions throughout all of Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, and the surrounding states.

We specialize in Liquid Plant Food, however, we offer a vast line of products serving the row crop, livestock, and specialty crop producers. Our mission is your success, and we have the experience, knowledge, quality, and customer service to help you achieve it.  Contact us TODAY and learn how we can best fulfill your crop and livestock needs.

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