Squeeze Chutes and Cattle Handling Equipment

Squeeze Chutes and Cattle Handling Equipment
Arrowquip is a leader in innovation. Beyond that, they create the best squeeze chutes and cattle handling equipment. Arrowquip is a leader in livestock handling and we're proud to have them at Circle S Farm Supply. But, what sets them apart from the competition? The reasons are below:
  • Quiet – Safe - Efficient
  • Most Innovative Design
  • Parallel Squeeze
  • Rubber Floor
Creating the ideal system for your farm or ranch is the goal at Circle S Farm Supply. Maximum cattle movement with minimal stress is our goal here. If you want your cattle and farm to move at maximum efficiency, then reach out to us. We have several years' experience selling Arrowquip equipment and maintaining cattle handling for modern farms and those with an eye to the future. Your farm doesn't have to stall out with ancient equipment. Reach out and contact us about bringing your cattle into 2020 and beyond.

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Sweep Tub and Alley

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Heavy duty galvanized sweep tubs and alley 6' tall. Available in 180 degrees as shown or 90-degree configuration, left of right hand opening. Call for pricing. Make Livestock handling safer and more convenient
  • Galvanized- Heavy Duty
  • Sweep Gate includes Automatic Latch
  • 180-degree tub is 21 feet across and 11 feet deep
  • Customizable with many options