NPK and beyond: What’s in your fertilizer?

All plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to grow. Most farmers can take soil reads and get a sense of what they’re missing. But, what goes beyond NPK? Are you offering the right fertilizer to your soil?

NPK fertilizer

Fertilizer does move beyond NPK.

But, do you know the other organic elements included in your liquid fertilizer? Now, it’s time to examine what makes the treatment so special for your crops. After all, if most NPK fertilizers just handle the big three, what is to be gained by adding the others?

Some of the additional elements included in plant growth are:

Magnesium – part of all chlorophyll, essential for photosynthesis.

Calcium – general plant vigor and growth.

Sulfur – promotes protein

Iron –  helps form chlorophyll

Boron – aids in production of seed and fruit development

Zinc – transforms carbs, regulates sugars

Copper  – reproductive growth

Manganese – helps with enzymes, breaks down carbs

Molybdenum – helps with nitrogen

Chlorine – aids metabolism, essential for photosynthesis.

Cobalt – essential for nitrogen fixation in young plants.

What does it mean to move beyond NPK in your fertilizer?

Every farmer wants to have a bountiful harvest. As a result, you do everything in your power to create the best environment for your crops to succeed. If you have any questions, reach out to Circle S Farm Supply.

Livestock Management is the farm tested art of keeping your animals happy. It’s also the practice of keeping your farm animals from busting out and tearing up your property. Everyone that works in Ag has had to track down a horse, cow or even a goat that busted out of their pen. Wouldn’t it be easier to have modern options to keep those critters locked down?

Look no further than your friends at Circle S Farm Supply. Circle S features the latest and greatest from Stay-Tuff and Gallagher. Have you seen the new Gallagher Power Fence products? How about those Galvanized Corral Panels and Grates?

It’s ok, pal. You’re among friends that love talking livestock. We are part of a field that gets to work with our hands, nurture a bounty of farm animals and produce the best crops that the Good Earth has to offer. It’s only natural to be excited about the tools that we get to use.

livestock management

The aspect of livestock management that so many forget is Livestock feeding. After all, if you’re going to manage living creatures, you’ve got to keep their stomachs full. Heavy Duty Hay Rings are in-stock at Circle S Farm Supply. These hay rings allow busy farmers to feed large amounts of hay to their cattle without having to constantly be in the middle of the feeding.

If you want something a little heavier duty, Circle S also sells the Bextra Heavy Duty Hay Savers. The purpose is the same, as these hay feeders exist to keep cows and farmers happy. Circle S Farm Supply is ready to help you upgrade your livestock management. Contact us to learn about all the wonderful things you can do for your livestock.

Handling your Livestock requires a degree of care.

Those that don’t properly remove handling trouble face livestock that will have a hard time conceiving & prospering on a farm. So, how do you handle your livestock?

The goal of Livestock handling is to make the process safer. Experts have studied everything from color usage on handling tools to filtering light away from frightened Livestock. But, what matters most on your farm?

handle your livestock livestock handling

Circle S Farm Supply offers a variety of options for livestock handling and maintenance. Arrowquip squeeze chutes and cattle handling equipment are quiet, safe and efficient. They offer a rubber floor with Parallel Squeeze to keep that cattle calm as you process them.

Also, in stock is the sweep tub and alley. Nothing is scarier than watching a young farmhand trying to move your cattle. The Sweep Tub and Alley provided an adjustable means of directing cattle traffic to where you need them to be loaded up. The Sweep comes with left or right hand opening for operator ease. After you set up the Sweep Tub and Alley, you will be wondering how you ever managed without one.

What else can help handle your livestock?

Circle S also carries a wide selection of Gallagher power fencing and galvanized corral options. Customized a livestock handling and management has never been easier. Plus, they pen together with pre-installed loop connectors. All pens are included with the relevant purchased equipment. Circle S has the name brands, we have the customization options and we’re available to discuss your plans directly with you.

Stop by the Circle S Farm Supply site and check it out.

Fertilizer is a fascinating product and concept. It’s the lifeblood that helps plants to grow, but it’s impacted by every literal element on a farm. Everything from runoff to leaching can impacts its effectiveness.

As the summer rages on, your crops will need a shot in the arm to beat the heat. Various weather elements get introduced to your plants at just the right time of the year. Whether it’s a late season cold snap to start planting season, seasonal flooding or excessive heat waves…it seems like Mother Nature has it in for your agricultural livelihood.

fertilizer fertilization Circle S Farm Supply

Thankfully, you have Circle S Farm Supply to guide you through a recovery process when Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be your best ally.

Fertilizer is the lifeblood of the Ag Industry. If farmers didn’t have the proper fuel for their soil, there would be no substantial crops to harvest. Many in farming are quick to look at harvest without fully understanding the power of the planting and maintenance of crops. Many younger farmers are quick to grab any fertilizer based on volume or need.

It is ideal to take a soil sample to know exactly what is missing from your property. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Look at the Circle S offerings to select the best option for your farm.

Quality Liquid Plant food placed in the growing zone creates an environment for plants to thrive from the beginning. While traditional dry fertilizers take time to break down and become available to the plant and soil.

Our 100% Orthophosphate Plant Food is food grade product and is in readily, usable form.

What makes Circle S Liquid Plant Food special?

Circle S Farm Supply products have No Heavy Metals, No Chlorine, and Very Low Salt content. That means you are buying Pure Plant Food and No Undesirable Fillers. In many cases, we have seen producers raise P and K levels very significantly, sometimes nearly doubling the levels by banding our Plant Food in the growing zone.

By placing those nutrients in the growing zone you will feed the root structure with necessary nutrients. As the season goes on, the crops needs those nutrients. Your crops won’t be left waiting on ideal rain or weather conditions. Studies show that Corn seed and other seeds only produce enough energy for the plant to survive 10 to 14 days. It is important to have those necessary nutrients in the growing zone for optimum growth and development.

What About Foliar Applications?

Many times a Foliar application has proven to be beneficial and creates Plant health and higher Yield.

A Foliar application will also help crops recover from weather stress. The foliar is cost effective, very efficient, and easily attainable. That is because producers are going to be in the field with a sprayer applying a herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide and you can piggy back a Plant Food application.

Why should I fence my livestock?

Agricultural trends change regarding everything from livestock to planting technique. Yet, certain truths remain. Control solutions such as fencing are essential for farm life.

While the question seems like common sense to the older farmer, let’s take examine the need for an answer. The Ag Industry has the potential to grow due to family farms and new individuals becoming involved in agribusiness. Some of these people might not know why fencing matters.

Why fencing matters.

Fencing also offers the farmer peace of mind. Your livestock is an investment and they must be protected from natural predators, nearby roadways and other dangers that might befall them.

Livestock Fencing Management Handling Circle S Farm Supply

When you browse the Circle S website, check out all our fencing options. There is Stay-Tuff Hi-Tensile Fixed Knot Woven Wire. That’s a far more traditional looking fencing that ends up using less post with its Hi-Tensile style wire. It’s stronger than most carbon wire and it comes with a 20-year warranty.

If you’re looking for more of a deterrent, then check out our Steel T-Post. It resembles fencing that’s closer to the barbed wire of your youth. Depending on your livestock and farm, it’s wise to spend a bit of time customizing what best works for you.

After you decide what you’d like to see on your farm, contact Circle S Farm Supply to make that dream into a reality.