In the early 1970’s Harrell Stafford began a career with a liquid fertilizer company as a regional sales manager. Then in 1987, he began Circle S Farm Supply when a customer base began to seek his help and advice on other inputs and agricultural products. Harrell’s two sons (Josh and Jon) grew up in the business and later came to work full time. Our business covers a dedicated customer base spanning 5 states many of which are 30 year customers and some of those farms we are working with the third generation. We believe every customer big or small will be treated equally. We have proven our products many of them on our own farm. The Circle S message and mission has never changed.

Ask Circle S about Liquid Plant Food and Farm Liquid Fertilizer

If that sounds like the kind of agricultural company you want on your side, then contact us. At Circle S, we are the premiere authority on liquid plant food, liquid plant fertilizer, livestock handling, livestock maintenance, Hay rings and livestock feeding. When you come to our business, you’ll learn what it takes to succeed at farming.

Feel free to browse our various implements and related tools. Our hard-working team would love for you to learn about all available options. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team.