We Stock and Ship Replacement Parts. These parts include: AerWay Tines, Bearings, Pillow Blocks, Seal Kits for Banjo Pumps, Honda Motors, Pipe Fittings from ¼” to 3”, Tank Lids, Poly Valves.

Farm Equipment Replacement Parts mean a great deal to the Circle S Farm Supply team. After all, farm equipment breaks down. Much like people, they can return to proper service with some maintenance.

Circle S exists to help you at the start of your farming journey and even the repair bumps in between. For instance, most farming companies will sell you anything under the sun. But, who is going to stick with you alongside that product’s journey?

From that first quote, our team is committed to making sure that our replacement parts get you up and running. If it takes one fix and we don’t hear from you for awhile, that’s fine. But, rest assured. Circle S will always be here when you need us. Isn’t it comforting to know that you have a friend in the Ag business?

If you have any questions, special concerns or requests…feel free to reach out and contact us.