Circle S Farm Supply provides customer service second to none before, during, and after the sale. Most of the products we sell we also use on our farm so we feel like we can give you a good recommendation on what application will work for you.

There is nothing sold at Circle S that our team wouldn’t be willing to use directly on our farms and livestock. So, when a member of a team gives you a recommendation, consider this. 99% of other farm supply companies don’t have someone on-site to talk about the products sold.

They can’t tell if you certain horses might get spooked by a hay saver. Therefore, we’d be surprised if they even knew a thing about moving a squeeze chute. Knowledge isn’t everything, but experience makes up the difference. Who would you trust to sell you a car? The salesman who recites the brochure to you like a machine? Or do you want to hear from the mechanic who can give you a crash course in what to expect?

At Circle S Farm Supply, we have a feeling that we know the answer.

From planning to finishing, Circle S Farm Supply is there with you.

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Pasture Trained Professionals

Circle S Farm Supply has trained pasture professionals on staff to help you with your grazing, water, and livestock control needs. Learn More at

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