How do you handle your livestock?

How do you handle your livestock?

Handling your Livestock requires a degree of care.

Those that don’t properly remove handling trouble face livestock that will have a hard time conceiving & prospering on a farm. So, how do you handle your livestock?

The goal of Livestock handling is to make the process safer. Experts have studied everything from color usage on handling tools to filtering light away from frightened Livestock. But, what matters most on your farm?

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Circle S Farm Supply offers a variety of options for livestock handling and maintenance. Arrowquip squeeze chutes and cattle handling equipment are quiet, safe and efficient. They offer a rubber floor with Parallel Squeeze to keep that cattle calm as you process them.

Also, in stock is the sweep tub and alley. Nothing is scarier than watching a young farmhand trying to move your cattle. The Sweep Tub and Alley provided an adjustable means of directing cattle traffic to where you need them to be loaded up. The Sweep comes with left or right hand opening for operator ease. After you set up the Sweep Tub and Alley, you will be wondering how you ever managed without one.

What else can help handle your livestock?

Circle S also carries a wide selection of Gallagher power fencing and galvanized corral options. Customized a livestock handling and management has never been easier. Plus, they pen together with pre-installed loop connectors. All pens are included with the relevant purchased equipment. Circle S has the name brands, we have the customization options and we’re available to discuss your plans directly with you.

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