How to Feed Your Farm
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How to Feed Your Farm

Livestock management requires a few basics when it comes to feed. Yet, there always seems to be issues with feeding them. Most farmers write this off, as part of their daily workload. However, Circle S wonders if there is an easier way of handling this sort of thing.

Hay Rings are easy to construct and fantastic time savers.  Just two pieces being snapped together will give you the means to feed your livestock. They’re portable and easy to construct. If that wasn’t enough, you also have the Bextra Heavy Duty Hay Savers. These metal creations will keep livestock from tearing apart your food dispensers.

Still, Circle S Farm Supply wonders if you’re forgetting to feed your crops. It goes beyond just watering and throwing fertilizer on them. How are you treating your soil? Have you thought about it?

Where does your farm need to feed?

Circle S Farm Supply is well known for its liquid plant food. That’s a supplement designed to better support your plants in the hot sun. However, our liquid fertilizer is designed to prime the dirt to help retain nutrients. The two factors working together will create a circle of trust that will keep your crop from withering and dying on those 100-degree days.

To the average farmer, most of this might sound silly. You know that you need to protect livestock feed. Also, you’re aware that you must treat plant food and fertilizer as two separate things. If there’s a lesson to be taken away from today’s post, it’s that you need to stay aware.

Staying aware of your ideal surroundings is essential to the successful farmer. It’s one thing to know that you’re hungry, but how will you meet the feed needs of the farming components? The balancing act is pretty intense, but one well worth engaging in for greater success.