Why Gallagher chose Circle S as a Certified Pasture Pro
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Why Gallagher chose Circle S as a Certified Pasture Pro

When outside vendors such as Gallagher show a little love towards Circle S, we like to take a minute and reflect on it.  Circle S Farm Supply is a big supporter of the Gallagher mission and we try to share those some goals with our customers.

A farmer is only as strong as the crops they grow and the livestock they raise. In order to preserve strength on the farm, one must have the proper tools to engage farming rigors. Pasture management dictates that a farmer can view their farm as a living natural entity.

Everything from crop placement to controlled grazing is pre-planned to work as separate moving units. Livestock management in return exists to facilitate long-term goals. After all, corn might take a season, but developing a heifer can take longer.

Field Day Gallagher Pasture Pro

Hay rings and other things make supporting growing cattle easier, but what does that mean for a Pasture Pro? While being no different than a well-oiled machine, it requires knowing where a farmer, his crops, his livestock and equipment must roll out to keep a farm thriving.

The Gallagher Certified Pasture Pro program recognizes those partners that understand this. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that their power fencing makes it easier to draw up lines on a farm property. If you can map your farm management plans, then you can begin building to a new tomorrow.

Defining your farming goals, maintaining what you have and keeping an eye on the future will produce successful farmers for years to come. As Gallagher certified Pasture Pros, we ask that you seek our help in making those future dreams into a reality.