Circle S Farm Supply

Circle S Farm Supply has a series of internal archives dedicated to collecting the latest information about our products. Whether it’s answering questions about livestock feed, maintaining your livestock herd or discussing the merits of Liquid Plant Food…we are here for you.

Not everyone will take the time to glance through our archives, but that’s fine. At Circle S Farm Supply, we believe having access to the best product options. Whether that be liquid plant fertilizer, liquid plant food and Power Fences is the goal.

Anyone can sell you seed, feed and everything in between. But, it takes a trusted ally to provide knowledge, experience and the best products to serve both endeavors.

Trust is key and it’s with that trust, we ask you to read ahead. Learn what you can from people with many years of experience in the field. You might know something from personal experience and we’d love to hear it. After all, new discoveries are made our on the farm every single day. Heck, we could be posting a site article about how you discovered a new use for Hay Rings.

At any point while you read through our archives, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can contact us on site or call us.

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